Holocene Environmental LLC

Holocene Environmental LLC was created in 2013 by Eric Larcinese to offer quality environmental consulting services to property owners in Michigan. Holocene Environmental LLC has also worked on projects in Indiana and Illinois. The scientists at Holocene would be happy to help with a project anywhere in the United States, but is primarily focused on the great lakes region.

Why "Holocene" Environmental? Holocene is the geological epoch in which humans have influenced the environment through agriculture and other activities. While these cultural developments propelled the human species into proliferation, the activities associated with this success can have very damaging effects on the environment. We chose the name Holocene Environmental LLC to reflect our mission to resolve these negative human impacts on the environment, thereby creating a safer, healthier environment for our communities to thrive.

Eric J. Larcinese

Eric Larcinese Photo

BS Geology & graduate studies in ground water

Eric started in the environmental industry in 1989 conducting property transactions, underground tank removals, waste management and health and safety inspections. Since then, he has gained extensive experience in the environmental consulting industry:

  • Over 3000 UST closures
  • Hundreds of leaky UST sites
  • Michigan certified A and B UST Operator
  • Over 1000 Phase I ESA, and hundreds of Phase II Investigations
  • Experience with HUD and MSHDA environmental compliance regulations
  • Trained in US Army Corp of Engineer's wetland delineation regulation
  • Experience with wetland hydrology and soil

Contact Eric at eric@holocene-environmental.com or at 269-290-1361

Tom Funke

Tom Funke Photo

Conservation Biologist
BS Biology and Environmental Studies

Many know Tom Funke as hiking nearly 2000 miles of the North Country Trail and his book 50 Hikes in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

Tom has been involved in the conservation field for 25 years as a Conservation Biologist. He has conducted many wetland delineations, bio-assays, baseline inventories, bio-diversity studies, endangered species identification and other naturalist activities. He has secured permits to build two miles worth of wetland boardwalk at various natural areas.

While at Binder Park Zoo:

  • Floral and faunal inventory of the 440 acre park
  • Oversaw construction of Swamp adventure, laying out the pathway, and obtaining the permits to install the boardwalk through a wetland.
  • Creation of wetland programming at the zoo

At the Michigan Audubon:

  • conducted biological inventories and written management plans for eighteen bird sanctuaries
  • Implement management at several sancuatires, including invasive species removal, forestry, and prescribed burns.
  • Established monitoring programs to measure progress of habitat projects over time

Tom can be contacted at info@holocene-environmental.com

Wyatt Larcinese

Wyatt Larcinese Photo

BS Environmental & Plant Biology

Wyatt is a recent graduate of Michigan State University with an emphasis on pollution and its effects of biological systems. His favorite classes were at the Kellogg Biological Station in Hickory Corners where he received extensive hands on experience in Plant Systematics and Wetland Ecology and Management where he learned Army Corp and Michigan DEQ wetland delineations and mitigation as well as wetland quality assessments.

Wyatt has a passion for botany and can be found in his off time in one of the many conservation wildlife preserves in the area.

Wyatt has been working with Holocene Environmental since 2016 helping with leaking UST sites, wetland delineations, and is a certified UST B Operator.

Courtney Lewis

Courtney Lewis Photo

Environmental Technician

Courtney has been with Holocene Environmental LLC since 2017 and is a certified UST B Operator. Courtney is working on her Applied Science Associate's Degree and has attended Jackson Community College and Lake Michigan College. Courtney also handles general office duties.