Gas Station Services

Buying a gasoline station? Already own a gas station? Holocene Environmental can help you review the environmental requirements unique to this type of property.

Buying a gasoline station is a little more complicated than buying other commercial property. Aside from the current tanks, other older tanks may be buried without any sign on the surface; especially if the gasoline station is old. Once you buy the property, you will be responsible for the old tanks, too. The material of tanks onsite is also important since metal tanks rust, therefore making replacement highly advisable.

Phase I

Use historical references to determine if USTs exist on site

Phase II

Sample site to determine if a significant amount of contamination exists on site from the USTs

UST Identification

Utilize a ground penetrating radar to identify unknown tanks on site not found in the Phase I

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Operating gasoline stations also have special responsibilities:


USTs must be inspected quarterly by an environmental professional to ensure that the tank is not leaking

Leaky UST

Characterization of the contamination, clean up, and closure of a leaky UST is required to comply with government criteria

UST Replacement

Oversight of UST replacement will ensure compliance with government criteria

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