Environmental Consulting Services

Below are descriptions of environmental consulting services offered by Holocene Environmental LLC

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 All Appropriate Inquery (AAI)

Phase I Environmental Site Assessment
Historical review and walkthrough of site to identify any potential "recognized environmnetal concerns" (RECs) that may be hazardous

Phase II Investigation
If RECs are identified, sampling is conducted for laboratory analysis to determine if there is indeed contamination. This is compared to gorvernment criteria to determine if there is a hazard on site.

Due Care Plan & Baseline Environmental Assessment
Outline the extent of the contamination and sets out a plan of remediating the site and keeping the contamination from spreading off-site.

 Gas Station Services

Phase I Environmental Site Assessment & Phase II Investigation
Gasoline stations have particular factors to consider, like underground storage tanks (USTs) making a Phase I for a gas station unique.

Leaky UST
Characterization of the contamination, clean up, and closure of a leaky UST

AB Operator
Quarterly inspections by an environmental professional to ensure that active USTs are not leaking.

UST Replacement
Oversight to ensure that no contantamination occurs while swapping an old UST for a new one.

  Wildlife Services

Wetland Determination
Analysis of site to determine if the site is a wetland, therefore in need of protection

Wetland Delineation
If a site is a wetland, a delineation will determine the extent of the wetland

Biological Management
Includes inventory of endangered species/wetland indicators & enhancement, maintenance, and restoration of habitats.

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