Resolving the human impacts

Environmental consulting services for a cleaner, safer environment.

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Holocene Environmental LLC offers professional environmental consulting services to "resolve the human impacts" that are hazardous in our environment. We specialize in service for property developers and gas stations in Michigan and the great lakes region. The scientists at Holocene Environmental have expertise in a variety of environmental topics and are equipped to help with your site assessment, remediation, and monitoring.

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When you buy a property, you also buy any potential contamination on site. Holocene Environmental LLC can identify contamination, assess it's severity, and aid in remediation plans. Click to learn more about property-related services.

Gas Stations

Holocene Environmental LLC is highly experienced in underground storage tank sites. If you are buying a gasoline station, cleaning a leak, upgrading your tanks, or looking for an certified AB Operator contact us to help guide you. Click to learn more about gas station services.


Biological inventories, planning, monitoring, and management are all important to consider for many development projects. Holocene Environmental LLC can help whether you're a non-profit, park department, or a private land owner. Click to learn more about wildlife services.